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Bali – A Holiday

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One of the things I look forward to each year is the opportunity to go travelling and experience something new. Last November my partner and I booked a last minute trip to Bali as a getaway prior to attending our friends’ wedding overseas.

The water is clear, the sand is warm, and there’s plenty of good food to satisfy any hunger pangs. Bali is a relaxing place to go for a holiday.

Jimbaran, where you go to see the sunset by the beach.

Lots to observe, like the daily offerings placed by the locals and did I mention how much good food you can sample here?

Tanah Lot, a temple carved into the stone by the sea.

The best way to experience a place is to interact with the locals. We tried a lot of local fare and our taxi drivers were more than happy to tell us about themselves, the culture and life in Bali.

We also stayed in some gorgeous resorts and I managed to get some time to read as well.

Gold and green rice paddy fields.

Here we have the Kecak dance in Uluwatu. There are no instruments, just the participants providing music and percussion using their voices. I love how it ends in dramatic fashion as seen below.

So here are just some snippets of our short trip to Bali, a place I’d love to visit again and having done the touristy stuff, I’d just like to sit back and relax the next time I’m here.


Season’s Greetings

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Featuring our dog Alfie, posing as a black nosed reindeer. Would just like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! Lots of eating to do in the next week and looking forward to making more picturesque memories for the new year.

Philip and Shirley – Pre-Wedding Part 2

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Philip and Shirley are also known as Mr and Mrs Penguin, and the gist of the story is that while watching a documentary on television, they discovered that once emperor penguins meet their partner, they are soulmates for life. Even though they migrate annually, and no matter how far apart they are, they will always go back to the same place to meet their partner.

Both Philip and Shirley have been together for many years, and through thick or thin, they have always remained steadfast to each other. Like the emperor penguins, they are soulmates and no matter where life takes them, they are happiest and whole in each other’s company.

Continuing from part 1, Philip and Shirley wanted some photos that represented Melbourne so we picked a few scenic locations.

Nothing is more iconic and representing Melbourne than Brighton Beach with the colourful beach houses.

Philip and Shirley also wanted some photos with their dog Georgie so we popped by to a dog friendly cafe and had some shots taken.

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